Thursday, April 9, 2009

Library Cuts Back to Save Oswego


Be advised that this is part of an Alternate Reality Game developed as a class project.


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Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego will make draconian budget cuts in an attempt to save Oswego from closing.

Books will no longer circulate and will no longer be reshelved by staff. This eliminates all student worker positions and reduces support staff to a skeleton crew for security at the exit to ensure that books stay in the building.

No more books will be purchased and cataloged. Gifts of books will be accepted, but will not be cataloged and shelved. Donations may be left in the lobby where the computers will be removed.

Computers for student use will be reduced to six. The decommissioned equipment will be sold.

Online databases will be cancelled, except for those provided to all SUNY libraries by the State Library and by SUNYConnect. The library website will be reduced to links to the library catalog and to the access pages of the State Library and SUNYConnect.

The lights will be dimmed by half, air-conditioning will be left off, and heat will be set to 50 degrees.

Ask A Librarian and library instruction services will be stopped, allowing a substantial reduction in force from 15 faculty to 3.

Student response to these announcements ranged from indifference to outrage.

"I never used the library anyway."

"I'm out of here, I sure wouldn't stick around for this kind of service."

"This one really hurts. The library was a great place to work. I could feel safe and comfortable and connect with my friends and with all the materials I needed for my courses. Now the library will be dark and dangerous."

"Chaotic stacks of books are going to be less than useless. How would I find a book to check out? Oh yeah, I can't do that either."

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